Simp Killer Waifu


Simp Waifu NFTs are 2222 uniquely generated pieces of digital art residing on the Ethereum blockchain. Each design has been carefully curated to create a plethora of profiles from which to perceive our protagonist Ayumi.

NFTs = Non Fungible Tokens are a “unique unit of data employing technology that allows digital content—from videos to songs to images—to become logged and authenticated on cryptocurrency blockchains, primarily Ethereum”.

Simp = A man who is seen as too attentive and submissive to women.

Waifu = A term for a fictional anime character that someone has great, and sometimes romantic affection for/ wife/ wife for life.

Femme Fatale, Siren, Nikita - the many names used to identify a female that is able to masquerade herself as many identities, with one intention in mind - cold blooded murder. The woman of many names has many faces and ways to hide her true intentions. From childhood she always knew she was different from other girls. Sparkling shoes and fancy frocks never scratched her itch in the way that it does for others. Nor did the idea of marriage, nor a baby in a carriage. No. Not for her. For her, she wanted the only thing that was sacred that sustained life, the one true life giving substance that keeps us from death - blood.


Born in the back streets of Paris to an ignoble mother, Ayumi was not destined to survive beyond her first few hours. Being the illegitimate child of a streetwalker, there was every chance that she would suffer the same fate of many children of such low class outcasts, fading into the darkness, never to be seen again. However, seeing the strength and will to survive in her baby’s eyes, her mother dropped Ayumi on the doorstep of the local aristocrat, a man to whom she had served as confidant during a night of passion and whiskey. Leaving her at the nobleman’s doorstep, with a note under the baby’s blanket which read, “do the right thing or you’ll lose everything”, the nobleman had no choice but to take in the child as his own, convincing his family that God’s judgement would be upon them were they to turn this baby on their doorstep away.

Ayumi’s future was secured, and she received the finest training and privilege that a young woman could possibly wish for, given the power and influence of her adopted family. Not only did she receive the finest education, but it was clear that once she reached maturity, she had become an outstanding beauty above all others, even within the most sophisticated of Paris circles. This brought about bitterness and resentment from other young women, along with sneering whispers about her true origin, in an attempt to bring her down. Coupled with this was the adulation she received from the learned ‘gentlemen’ around her, who wanted nothing more than to receive her approval and have her on their arm, to parade and gain favour amongst their peers. Ayumi despised this placating veneration from these weak men more than anything, for she simply pitied the seething jealous women around her. But these men, with their lack of shame and desperate approval seeking, she wanted nothing more than to see them suffer, for she knew if she ever granted them the acquiescence they begged for, they would like nothing more than to lock her away to be theirs forever and suffocate any freedom she had, if only to allow their ego not to be affronted.

Her lust to destroy these men soon consumed her, and she quickly came to devising entrapments to prey upon the weakest of these men; the ones who could not see past their nose at the danger they were in, as they were blinded by the need to submit to her feminine allure. She slowly intoxicates them with her physical appearance, draws them even closer with the delicate charm of a woman raised in high society, and just as they are at the cusp of giving up anything to make her their own, they bear the brunt of Ayumi’s vengeful rage and it is she who is fulfilled with cold blooded satisfaction. Following each successive killing, Ayumi adopted new identities and remained on the move, always being one step ahead and never being satisfied with carrying out the same killing twice, but allowing her extraordinary genius to devise new ways to exterminate the simp plague, eventually encountering 2222 incarnations of the Killer Waifu she is now infamous for being. The Simp Killer Waifu with the indomitable will to survive and the insatiable desire to destroy.

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